Link with The Gambia 2013

Hayle Methodist Church has for many years been part of West Cornwall Churches Link with The Gambia. During this time monies have been raised for a Christian Learning Centre at Janjanbureh, a Nursery School and Milling Machine at Banni and a Clinic at jamelli. Other projects have included a School Kitchen and Teacher's House.

Alongside all this the education for many young people has been paid for by people in Cornwall, as well as by other groups throughout the country.

Recently money has been donated to help a three year old girl - Anna who was born with a badly deformed leg and had never walked. The leg had to be amputated. WCC Link with The Gamia supported Anna and her parents as they travelled to Senegal for her operation. Also helped her mother and father with accommodation and travelling expenses which helped Anna's time in hospital. They have now provided an artificial limb which will have to be updated as she grows.

The team has returned from West Aftrica with many happy memories, but one of the highlights has been to see Anna walk unaided. Her grandfather told us that before the operation, she sat on her own as her friends played together. He added "her friends have to be quick now or Anna gets there first".

The team's work will be ongoing and members hope to return to visit their friends each year.

Marion in the Gambia with Marion Junior

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