Hayle Methodist is called by God to be a welcoming and prayerful community, filled and led by the Holy Spirit, seeking -

  • To worship, glorify and serve God
  • To learn together and grow in spiritual maturity
  • To be attentive to the Holy Scriptures and to the Holy Spirit
  • To be a family of faith that follows Jesus Christ, the light of the world
  • To teach and nurture the children of the church
  • To proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and own Him as Lord
  • To welcome all with love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness
  • To strengthen and support each other
  • To demonstrate the relevance of Christianity to the people around
  • To call everyone to develop and use God's gifts in working together for Him
  • To live and work for God's Kingdom, justice and peace
  • To care for the world around us
  • To care for those in need in our area and beyond