Rainbow Coffeehouse

Rainbow CoffeehouseJoin us for a coffee, tea, squash, milkshake and cake every Saturday between 10 a.m. and 12 noon. All donations are sent to various charities.

To follow are some of the charities that we have donated to 

Ali's Dream

Church Youth Club

Scout Group

Hayle Day Care Centre

Methodist Relief & Development Fund

St. Julia's Hospice

Rainbow CoffeehouseShelter Box

Survive Alive Camp

Hayle Swimming Pool

Multiple Sclerosis Centre (Cake Break)

Race For Life

Haemopheliac Society

Know Your Bible Group

Children's Hospice South West

Cornwall Hospice Care

Christian Aid

MacMillan Cancer Care

Rainbow CoffeehouseThe Gambia

Our Church Youth Club

Our Junior Church

St. Petrocs

Air Ambulance




For more photos have a look at our album Rainbow Coffeehouse Photos