Hayle Food Bank


Hayle Foodbank has been operating since 2012 from Hayle Methodist Church supplying food to households in short term need in the Hayle / Connor Downs area. We are a relatively small operation, only operating on a Saturday morning and supplying between 20 and 45 households a month. We run entirely from food and money donations from individuals, churches, schools and businesses in the generous and caring local community.


Email  haylefoodbank@gmail.com

Phone   07713 171495

Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/Hayle-Foodbank-506805902676744 

Referral Process      

  • If you or anyone you know needs a short -term helping hand in the form of food parcels because of loss of earnings, awaiting benefits, homelessness, ill health, unexpected car bill etc. etc. then please get in touch. We are a group of Hayle volunteers who understand how quickly things can go pear shaped in the current climate and are completely non-judgemental and treat everything confidentially.  
  • All food has been donated by the fantastic and caring Hayle community !
  • Until we feel it is safe to open up the Methodist Church to people we are continuing to run a home delivery service and the system currently is:


  1. Self – refer to get up to 3 weeks food parcels within a 12 month period by sending an email to haylefoodbank@gmail.com or ring 07713 171495 , stating:
  1. Name / address / contact number / contact email
  2. Number of adults in your household, number / ages / genders of young people under 18 (this is so food / toiletries can be effectively targeted), any pets.
  3. Any dietary requirements (vegetarian / allergies / lack ofcooking facilities / if you prefer tea or coffee).
  • You will then need to email or phone in a request for food before 12pm on the Friday to have food delivered between 10 and 12 pm the following Saturday.
  • If you need more than 3 parcels within 12 months you will need to be referred as below.
  1. Be referred by a professional / organisation to get up to 6 parcels in 12 months. Get in touch with professionals such as GP / Social worker / health visitor or by an organisation such as Citizens Advice / Library / Disabilty Cornwall etc. They will need to  send an email to haylefoodbank@gmail.com or ring 07713 171495 with the above information and you will then need to email or phone in a request for food before 12pm on the Friday to have food delivered the following Saturday.
  2. When restrictions on meeting indoors are finally lifted, you will also have the option of self-referring and / or picking up your pre-packed parcel of food and chatting to our friendly volunteers in person by turning up at Hayle Methodist Church on a Saturday  between 10 and 12pm. We will let you know when this is going to start.
  3. Any paper vouchers from the previous system will be honoured.


Details for food donations

Food donations can be dropped off at the collection point at Hayle ASDA or at the Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, Hayle, TR27 4EP between 9-30 and 12pm on a Saturday morning.

Anything non-perishable welcome, but particularly

·        Canned meat products e.g. hot dogs, meatballs, ravioli, spaghetti bolognese, sausage and beans, corned beef and ham

·        Canned fish products e.g. tuna, sardines and mackerel

·        Canned macaroni cheese

·        Canned rice pudding and custard.

·        Toiletries especially toothbrushes, toothpaste, non gender specific shampoo and shower gel

·        Laundry liquid or powder - non bio please


Details for financial donations

Hayle Foodbank

Sort Code    30-13-88

Account number    18553660